Quad / Freestyle

Jimmy Blaze

Tyler NElson

Birthplace: Shakopee, MN
Sport: Quad Freestyle
What's the best part of what you do?: It's an escape from reality and I love entertaining people.
How long have you been riding?: I've been riding for 11 years.
Whats your favorite trick to perform?: Christ air, because I got it from one of the coolest riders I've met in my life, Craig How. My style is just a little different.
Sponsor shoutout: Team Mad Customs, Bikeman Performance, BAD ENDORSEMENT, Apparel Freaks, Prior Lake/Salvage Rental, Andy Kawa Photography, Animal PaK QFMX

Snocross/Snowmobile Freestyle

Jimmy Blaze Jimmy Blaze

Jimmy Blaze

Birthplace: Anchorage, AK
Resides: Texas & airport lounges
Sport: Freestlye Sleds and Polaris RZR Flips
What is the best part of what you do?: Getting to make people happy
How long have you been riding?: Since I was very little, but Pro over 13 years
Sponsor shout out: BE, ARMA, SKIN, Scott, DJ Safety, Fox Shox, Promodel, Team Mad Customs, Aussiebum, OGIO, RSI
Closing comments: Don't get mad if I'm hitting on your girlfriend, be happy she is hot and not a swamp donkey. Don't worry she just wants to hook up with me cause of my shoes.

Jimmy Blaze

Cory Davis

Birthplace: Soldotna, AK
Sport: Snowmobile
Whats your favorite trick to perform?: I would have to go with the whip. I smile ever time I pull out a big one
Sponsor shoutout: Big shout out to Monster Energy and my newest sponsor B.E. Closing comments: We have more fun than you!

Jimmy Blaze Jimmy Blaze Jimmy Blaze

Dan Rogers

Birthplace: Lierne, Norway
Sport: Snowmobile Freeriding
How long have you been riding?: Apprx 12,500 miles since the first 
jump on dads old Lynx

Sponsor shoutout: BE, Lynx, BRP, Dekalmonster, Hellriders, Slednecks, GoPro.
Closing comments: Bad Endorsement gets me wicked laid!!

Jimmy Blaze Jimmy Blaze

Fred "FUZZY" Rasmussen

Birthplace: Ludington, MI Merica!
Sport: Snowmobile Freestyle
What was your gnarliest wreck?: My gnarliest wipe out would be the 
Redbull "Fuel & Fury" one. My crank shaft failed as I was pulling a 
flip. Bad stuff happened! It ended the life of 1 snowmobile and 
exploded my tibia

Sponsor shoutout: I would like to shout out to: Bad Endorsement, 
TMC, HMK, Triple 9 Optics, Caliber Traction Products, NoStyle 
Productions, Fly Racing, C & A skis, RAVE X MOTORSPORTS, Sledfreak.com

Closing comments: Support freestyle

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Jimmy Blaze Jimmy Blaze

Dalton Albrent

Birthplace: Madelia, MN
Sport: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Whho is your idol?: Anderson "The Spider" Silva
What's the best part of what you do?: Achieving what others said I couldn't.
Sponsor shoutout: Bad Endorsement, Team Mad Customs, Gamebred Fightwear
Closing comment/quote: At the end of the day.. You just gotta do what you're most passionate about.

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